Week 4 – Nature

It’s another summer Friday and another recap of Usdan’s theme of the week. Every week, Usdan will be highlighting a special theme that defines Usdan’s mission and approach. Each Friday we’ll look back at all the fun and creative ways students put that week’s theme into practice. We not only want to share the amazing work the children are doing every day, but make Usdan’s guiding principles salient and tangible.

Each principle serves Usdan’s greater goal of creating a cohesive environment that encourages students to be creative in every endeavor throughout their lives.

This week’s theme is nature. Usdan is fortunate to inhabit such a stunning and awe-inspiring woodland campus, where students have the privilege and rare opportunity of tapping into the rhythms and textures of the natural world. Our faculty strive to use this insight as a door to creative understanding and expression for every student.

No matter where your student comes from, Usdan feels almost otherworldly the moment they step on campus. At Usdan, we believe that every ancient tree, secluded stream, and scenic hillside can foster new brilliance and imagination. Usdan channels that awe and understanding of nature into an awe and understanding of the natural order of creativity and art.

Nature fuels creativity across every department at Usdan, here are some of our favorite projects harnessing that power from the past week.

Photos and videos were taken by our Usdan faculty.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Next week, we’ll examine how artist collaborators are an amazing tool for artistic education.

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