Week 5 – Artist Collaborators

Welcome to another exciting recap of Usdan’s theme of the week. Every week, Usdan will be highlighting a special theme that defines Usdan’s mission and approach. Each weekend we’ll look back at all the fun and creative ways students put that week’s theme into practice. We not only want to share the amazing work the children are doing every day, but make Usdan’s guiding principles salient and tangible.

Each principle serves Usdan’s greater goal of creating a cohesive environment that encourages students to be creative in every endeavor throughout their lives.

This week we will ponder artist collaborators. Throughout the summer, students from different departments — dancers and painters, writers and musicians, and every other combination you can imagine — are collaborating to create art together. At Usdan, collaboration means experiments with different art forms in untraditional ways and toying with the typical structure of each medium.

Collaboration also occurs between our professional faculty and students, as different generations make art with and learn from each other. Trust us, our renowned artists are most definitely inspired by working alongside your children.

By challenging students to think beyond their major or minor and delve into new forms, they will attain greater holistic insight into the creative process and their own work. We want these collaborations to be full of discovery, as well as education.

Artistic collaboration happens every day at Usdan. Here are some of our favorites from the past week.

Photos and videos were taken by our Usdan faculty.

Click on photos to enlarge.


Next week, we’ll examine why diversity is intrinsic to true creative and artistic growth.

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