Week 6 – Diversity

It’s time for another exciting Friday recap of Usdan’s theme of the week. Every week, Usdan will be highlighting a special theme that defines Usdan’s mission and approach. Each Friday we’ll look back at all the fun and creative ways students put that week’s theme into practice. We not only want to share the amazing work the children are doing every day, but make Usdan’s guiding principles salient and tangible.

Each principle serves Usdan’s greater goal of creating a cohesive environment that encourages students to be creative in every endeavor throughout their lives.

This week student and faculty focused on how diversity functions at Usdan. For years, Usdan has not only valued diversity, but demanded it.

Diversity is simply not an option. And we’re not just talking about race or religion or culture. Usdan believes in embracing and learning from a total diversity of artistic ability, learning style, physical ability, race and ethnicity, socioeconomics, gender identity, sexual orientation, geography, and age.

Usdan is lucky to have such a diverse student body. Every child has a different story and a different voice. We want students to embrace diversity in every facet of their lives and art, and encourage their young generation to be even better than us at welcoming and communing with those who differ from them.

Every day students embrace each other’s uniqueness and diversity. Here are some of our favorite examples from the past week.

For the last week of camp, we’ll conclude with the culmination of Usdan’s principles as we examine giving students voice through arts education.

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