What’s New With U? – Week 4

What’s Inside

What’s New With U? – Week Four

Performances, workshops, and exhibitions – oh my! This week’s schedule was chock-a-block, including thrilling Festival performances from Broadway’s Laura Osnes, Adam Kaplan, and Mat Eisenstein, and Usdan favorite The Chameleons. Usdan’s Dance Ensemble and Senior Band carried us through the week with stellar amphitheater performances. And daily in-studio presentations and workshops— in Music, Dance, Theater, and Creative Writing— showed us what they’ve got. “Mischief was managed” during the first of summer’s two Quidditch tournament days and the casts of Chicago, Anyone Can Whistle, and High School Musical took to the stage. The much-anticipated, and sold out, 50thAnniversary Gala on Thursday was a celebration of arts and an experience for all the senses. Our gala performance ended with the exuberant “Rhythm of Life” sung by Junior and Senior campers who were joined by Alumni singers and led by beloved former Junior Chorus conductor Elaine Gates. Artist-in-Residence Cantor Randall Schloss and Junior Chorus performed songs of jubilation and the celebratory “We Salute U” lunch (for 5-year campers) helped us close out our busy fourth week.

Here are some sights and sounds from campus this week.

Here’s Looking at U

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#50YearsOf U: A Peek Into the Archives

Suzanne Usdan, daughter of one of Usdan’s founders, Samuel Lemberg, and the person for whom Usdan was named, once said that the camp gave students the opportunity to “Lose yourself for a summer and find yourself for a lifetime.” As we move into our second fifty years, that sentiment remains as true today as it did in Usdan’s earliest years. This week, for our look back at the archives, we share a video from our 10th anniversary season, narrated by Andrew McKinley, Usdan’s first Executive Director, that delves deeper into the early years of Usdan. You saw a sneak peek of it in the video above, but you can watch the full 1978 promotional video below.

Gearing Up: Merch Item of the Week

Check out our joggers – new to the Usdan Store! You can order this and more at the Usdan shop online or at the camp.

Up Next: Upcoming Events and Programming

Week Five already! There’s so much in store including interesting guest Festival performances; a unique collaboration between Artists in Residence ICE with the Chess and Percussion Students; the debut of work from the Choreographic Institute Majors and a fun performance from Musical Theater Majors of The Addams Family. We also welcome our three-week session campers. Full schedule here:

Monday, July 23

Festival Performance – Artist
12:10 PM and 12:35 PM
Akropolis Reed Quintet

Tuesday, July 24

Festival Performance – Student
12:10 PM
Senior Jazz Ensemble Minors

12:35 PM
Senior Advanced Jazz Ensemble Majors

Wednesday, July 25

Festival Performance – Student
12:10 PM and 12:35 PM
Senior Orchestra IV Majors

Thursday, July 26

Festival Performance – Artist in Residence & Student
12:10 PM and 12:35 PM
International Contemporary Ensemble with Chess & Percussion Students

Friday, July 27

10:30 AM
Senior Choreographic Institute Majors
Senior Musical Theater Majors (T3) – The Addams Family

Festival Performance – Artist
12:10 PM and 12:35 PM
The Blue Eyed Bettys

1:30 PM
Senior Musical Theater Majors (T3) – The Addams Family
Dance Ensemble Repertory Majors

Administration Corner

Our three week session begins on Monday. We’d love all seven week campers to help us welcome our new friends to campus. Anyone who’d like to be a Usdan Ambassador to help orient our new campers should meet at the Buddy Tent when you get to camp.

What Do U Think? Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked you about your kids’ favorite spots on campus. We can’t believe it, but the swim hill was the most popular. This week we want you to know what your kids think of Usdan’s natural environment. What do they love? (We know how they feel about the mosquitos.) Tell us at tellus@usdan.org.

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