What’s New with U? – Week Five

What’s Inside

What’s New With U? – Week Five

Still buzzing from last week’s 50thAnniversary Gala, this week we powered on despite some power outages. We welcomed our 3-Week friends to the fold as we make our way to the final few weeks of camp. The engaging Akropolis Reed Quartet and The Blue Eyed Bettys bookended this week’s Festival performances, which also included a surprise performance by staffers/faculty and Orchestra IV who left us shaken, not stirred, with a 007 medley. On Thursday, Usdan’s Artist In Residence the International Contemporary Ensemble’s Levy Lorenzo (Percussion), Rebecca Heller (Bassoon); and David Byrd-Marrow (Horn) shared Lorenzo’s mesmerizing and of-the-moment composition —created in collaboration with students from Chess and Percussion— pairing movements on the game board with sounds from drums, cymbals, and other instruments. Our Choreographic Institute students debuted their compelling works in studio, while Painting & Drawing Minors (Period 1) installed their four-day exhibition in the Gallery and “The Addams Family” casts brought their creepiest and kookiest to the stage.


Check it all out here along with some other sights and sounds from campus this week.

Here’s Looking at U

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#50YearsOf U: A Peek Into the Archives

From the first day of Usdan in 1968, the swimming pool area has been a favorite spot on campus (that initial cold water shock, not so much). In the first Directors Report, Andrew McKinley wrote about the outdoor swim area as asset for kids to round out their arts experience. That is still the case. Today, when asked about favorite spots in campus, the camp’s iconic pools are cited most often. Here are some stills from footage taken early on at Usdan’s pools – and an invitation to sign up to take a dip yourself at next week’s second annual FUNdraising Pool Party.


Gearing Up: Merch Item of the Week

Check out our vintage gym bag making a return to the Usdan Store! You can order this and more at the Usdan shop online or at the camp.

Up Next: Upcoming Events and Programming

Week Six  — boy, has time flown.  There’s a lot in store this week including tons of in-studio and amphitheater performances and two off-site adventures: Matinee Idols’ trip to see Mean Girls on Broadway, and  the Solar Night Walk with Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun on Governor’s Island. Back on campus, we take “The Big Plunge” with Artist In Resident Pedro Lasch and welcome the weekend with annual own Pool Party on Saturday. Full schedule here:

Monday, July 30

Discovery Dance with Diana Crum (Patrick and Marissa’s group)

Senior Instrumental Majors (Period 2: Flute III; Oboe III; Clarinet III; Trumpet III; Low Brass III; Percussion III)

Festival Performance – Student
12:10 PM
Junior Band II Majors

Festival Performance – Student
12:35 PM
Senior Band III Majors

Senior Chamber Ensemble Minors

Discovery Dance with Diana Crum (Ilana and Brandon’s group)

Junior Instrumental Majors (Period 4: Flute II; Oboe II; Clarinet II; Saxophone II; Trumpet II; French Horn II; Low Brass II; Percussion II)

Tuesday, July 31

Senior Musical Theater Majors (T5) “Little Shop of Horrors”

Festival Performance – Artist
12:10 PM & 12:35 PM
Project Trio

Junior Musical Theater Majors (T5) “Little Shop of Horrors”

Junior & Senior Sewing and Fashion Design Majors

Wednesday, August 1

All Day
Junior & Senior Matinee Idols: “Mean Girls” Broadway Trip

Saxophone III & IV Majors Performance

Discovery Dance with Diana Crum (Megan and Laura’s group)

Junior Tap Minors & Junior Creative Movement Minors

Festival Performance – Student
12:10 PM
Dance Ensemble Majors & Junior Dance Majors and Minors (West African Minors, Modern Dance Minors, Dance Adventure Minors)

Festival Performance – Student
12:35 PM
Senior Dance Majors and Minors (Contemporary Dance Minors, Tap Minors, West African Minors, Modern Dance Minors)

Rock On! Minors (Period 3)

Junior Musical Theater Adventure Majors (T10) “Peter Pan”

Discovery Dance with Diana Crum (Melissa and Peter’s group)

Rock On! Minors (Period 4)

Thursday, August 2

Senior Musical Theater Majors (T1) – “1776”

Festival Performance – Artist in Residence
12:10PM and 12:35PM
“The Big Plunge” -Pedro Lasch with Nate Koch (Students Only)

Junior Musical Theater Adventure Majors (T1) – “1776

Friday, August  3

Discovery Dance with Diana Crum (Kennedy and Steven’s group & Kirsten and Lauren’s group)

Festival Performance – Student
12:10 PM
Senior Jazz Ensemble Minors

Festival Performance – Student
Senior Advanced Jazz Ensemble Majors

Discovery Dance with Diana Crum (Madeline and Lisa’s group)

Sustainable Design Minors: Solar Night Walk on Governors Island

Saturday, August  4

Pool Party

Administration Corner

During free swim, students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of their time at the pool. Some may choose to socialize with their friends out of the pool instead of swimming. While we push as hard as we can, we also see the value in having time to socialize. We aim to strike the right balance for each camper.

If you are concerned about your child swimming, we suggest having a discussion with them about your wishes.  Your child can always speak with Grainne (“G”) at the pools.  If you have questions about their level or rules at the pool, here is a link to the information about the department. You can also reach our Aquatics Director, Grainne Josaphat, at questions@usdan.org with any questions.

What Do U Think? Weekly Poll Question

Your kids love nature, but they really love Gabe the Tortoise and the chickens. We love them too. This week, we want to know about the new friends your kids have made at camp. Are they from different towns? Are they in different majors? Do they take the bus together? Tell us at tellus@usdan.org.

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