What’s New With U? – Week Six

What’s Inside

What’s New With U? – Week Six

Time flies when you’re having fun!  It’s hard to believe we’re closing out Week Six – and what a week it was. Project Trio kicked off this week from the Festival stage. Band Majors as well as Dance Majors and Minors rounded out the Amphitheater performances. Energy on campus was high thanks to tons of in-studio presentations and the annual Sewing and Fashion Design showcase. We took “The Big Plunge” with Artist In Residence Pedro Lasch  – which culminated in a kid-made whirlpool in our refreshing shallow pool. Usdan Theater students transported us to “1776”; flew us to Neverland with “Peter Pan”; until we landed “Somewhere That’s Green” thanks to “Little Shop of Horrors” and “The Secret Garden.” But, the magic didn’t stop at our yellow gate: Matinee Idols’ took a trip to see “Mean Girls” and Sustainable Design and Rock On students participated in the Solar NightWalk with Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun on Governor’s Island. Check it out here along with some other sights and sounds from campus this week.

Here’s Looking at U

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#50YearsOf U: A Peek Into the Archives

Hey U! Just as Usdan’s classes and campus have evolved over the years, so has its logo.  The original incarnation was a clear reference to the 140-wooded acre campus, featuring a lush green tree line and the then-name fully spelled out: Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts.  When the 80s arrived, the logo was modernized (or at least for that time!), using graphic elements and bright colors which were nods to the various disciplines – including the use of a musical note at the center, as the ‘d” in Usdan. Very 80s, indeed! In 2011, the more casual “This Summer” logo came to life. Today, Usdan’s logo ratchets up its connection to community and reference to our 100 classes with the ”U” designed to represent all aspects of camp — from music to swim; nature and writing; drama to art; dance to archery. And, every year, we ask students to submit their designs for the newest U that best depicts a special element or aspect of Usdan.

Gearing Up: Merch Item of the Week

Check out our boat tote in the Usdan Store! You can order this and more at the Usdan store online or at the camp.


Up Next: Upcoming Events and Programming

We close out our 50thanniversary season on a high note with the last of our student performance and showcases, Art Open Studios, the second Quidditch tournament of the summer, and our annual end of year Junior Parade and Senior Carnival.  The full list here.

Monday, August 6

All Day
Art Open Studios Majors & Minors

Senior Instrumental Majors (Period 1: Flute IV)

Senior Usdan Troupe Majors “The Secret Garden”
Junior Actor’s Craft & Audition Bootcamp Minors Showcase
Junior Quidditch Tournament

Senior Instrumental Majors (Period 2: Violin III; Viola III; Cello III)

Festival Performance – Student
Junior Orchestra II Majors

Festival Performance – Student
Senior Orchestra III Majors

Senior Usdan Troupe Majors “The Secret Garden”
Senior Actor’s Craft & Audition Bootcamp Minors Showcase
Senior Quidditch Tournament
Senior Instrumental Majors (Period 2: Double Bass III)

Junior Instrumental Majors (Period 4: Violin II; Viola II; Cello II)

Tuesday, August 7 

Orchestra IV String Studio Performance

Junior Hip-Hop Minors, Junior Broadway Dance Minors, Junior Absolute Beginner Ballet Minors

Festival Performance – Student
12:10PM & 12:35PM
Senior Band IV Majors

Senior Broadway Jazz Dance Minors
Junior Instrumental Majors (Period 3: Clarinet I, Flute I, Saxophone I, Low Brass I, Percussion I, Violin I, Cello I)

Junior Band I Majors
Junior Orchestra I Majors
Senior Hip Hop Minors, Senior Open Level Ballet Minors

Wednesday, August 8

Festival Performance – Artist
12:10PM  & 12:35PM
Ballet Next

Junior Parade & Senior Carnival (students only)*

Thursday, August 9

Junior Guitar Minors (Period I)
Junior Piano Minors (Period I)

Senior Piano Majors

Junior Guitar Minors (Period 2)
Junior Piano Minors (Period 2)
Film Festival (Filmmaking Majors, Animation Majors, Mobile Photo Minors, Select Video Game Majors)
Strum, Pluck & Pick Majors

Festival Performance – Student
Discovery Chorus

Festival Performance – Student
12:10PM and 12:35PM
Senior Chorus Majors & Minors

Senior Guitar Minors (Period 3)
Senior Piano Minors (Period 3)

Junior Musical Theater Adventure Majors (T9) – “Strawberry Freckleface”
Junior Piano Majors

Senior Guitar Minors (Period 4)
Senior Piano Minors (Period 4)
Film Festival (Filmmaking Majors, Animation Majors, Mobile Photo Minors, Select Video Game Majors)

“A Wave and Waves” with International Contemporary Ensemble” at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center

Friday, August  10

Junior Dance Adventure Minors

Junior Chorus Majors & Minors
Senior Drama Lab Majors (T7) – “Little Women”

Senior Choreographic Institute Majors, Senior Contemporary Dance Majors

Closing Day Ceremony (students only)

Senior Dance Ensemble Majors, Junior Contemporary Dance Majors, Junior Ballet Majors

*Seniors who want to swim or participate in water activities should bring a swimsuit and flip flops.

Administration Corner

This summer has been a whirlwind of art-making, friend-making, and risk-taking. As sad as we are that we’re entering the final week of the 2018 summer, we’re excited to think about summer 2019. For all our current Usdan Families, we invite you to pre-register for Summer 2019 through Return2U and lock in 2018 rates and get first choice of classes when we open enrollment in November. For more information visit: usdan.org/return2u

What Do U Think? Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked about the friends your kids have made this summer. We’re thrilled to hear that new friendships and long-lasting ones are one of the best things to come out of a summer at Usdan. As we start to wind down the summer, we’d love to hear what your kids thought of their classes. What they loved, what they think we can improve.  Tell us at tellus@usdan.org.

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