What’s New With U? – Week Three

What’s Inside

What’s New With U? – Week Three

Week 3 was powerful and productive.  We rang in the start of our two-week session, and classes moved ahead full steam, setting the stage (literally) for next week’s shows, in-studio presentations, and the 50thAnniversary Gala. Mixed media artist Antonia Perez shared her gorgeous work, which uses discarded plastic bags, in the art gallery and around campus and also took the time to teach her technique to students so they could create their own upcycled pieces. We enjoyed Festival performances from Senior Orchestra IV, Usdan faculty, flamenco dance company Sol y Sombra, and Broadway’s Danyel Fulton, Douglas Lyons and Ted Arthur. Students were really thinking out of the box studio this week— rehearsing, practicing, creating, and presenting projects “en plein air.” As we “float” into the weekend, check out images of those below, along with other sights and sounds from the week.

Here’s Looking at U

Garden Panorama – Scroll left or right to view.


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#50YearsOf U: A Peek Into the Archives

Usdan’s got class(es) — 100 of them to be exact. But, while our first season 50 years ago was longer (eight weeks), the docket wasn’t nearly as extensive. Initial departments were limited to Music, Art, Dance and Recreation. Dancers could take Ballet and Modern Dance majors from the get-go, as well as Folk Dancing as a minor. Believe it or not: Tap and Jazz didn’t shuffle onto Usdan’s Campus until the 1980s.  And, budding visual artists could only choose from Ceramics, Painting, Sculpture and Photography. Creative Writing was added two years later and the ultra popular Jewelry-Making, now Metalsmithing, debuted in 1974. Today’s classes include Stage Combat, 3D Design, Organic Gardening, Quidditch, and more.

Another thing that’s grown over the years? The student body. Usdan’s first season saw 1132 students throughout the summer.  This year, close 1,600 campers have come through our gates.  Learn more at www.usdan.org/50yearsofU.




Gearing Up: Merch Item of the Week

Check out our sweatshirt in the Usdan Shop! You can order this and more at the Usdan shop online or at the camp.

Up Next: Upcoming Events and Programming

Get ready for an exciting week ahead! The schedule is jam-packed with amazing Festival performances, many exciting theater productions, daily open studio presentations, the first of summer’s two Quidditch tournament days and, of course, the much-anticipated 50thAnniversary Gala on Thursday.

Monday, July 16

Festival Performance – Artist
12:10 PM and 12:35 PM
Voices of Broadway: Adam Kaplan & Laura Osnes with Mat Eisenstein

Tuesday, July 17

10:30 AM
Junior Quidditch Tournament

1:30 PM
Senior Quidditch Tournament

Festival Performance – Student
12:10 PM
Dance Ensemble Majors & Junior Majors and Minors
(Ballet Majors, Hip Hop Minors, Broadway Jazz Minors, Absolute Beginner Ballet Minors)
12:35 PM
Dance Ensemble Majors & Senior Minors
(Open Level Ballet Minors, Hip Hop Minors, Broadway Jazz Minors)

Wednesday, July 18

10:00 AM
Guitar Minors (Period 1)

10:30 AM
Senior Musical Theater Majors (T4) – “Chicago”

11:05 AM
Strum, Pluck & Pick Majors
Guitar Minors (Period 2)

Festival Performance – Student
12:10 PM and 12:35 PM
Senior Band IV Majors

1:15 PM
Guitar Minors (Period 3)

1:30 PM
Junior Musical Theater Majors (T4) – “Anyone Can Whistle”

2:15 PM
Guitar Minors (Period 4)

Thursday, July 19

10:30 AM
Junior Actor’s Craft & Audition Bootcamp Minors Showcase

Festival Performance – Artist
12:10 PM and 12:35 PM
The Chameleons

1:15 PM
Junior Band II Majors
Junior Orchestra II Majors

1:30 PM
Senior Actor’s Craft & Acting Like It Hurts Minors Showcase

2:15 PM
Junior Band I Majors
Junior Orchestra I Majors

5:30 PM
The 50thAnniversary Gala

Friday, July 20

10:05 AM
Junior Piano Minors (Period I)

10:15 AM
Junior West African Dance Minors
Junior Creative Movement Minors (Period I)
Junior Modern Dance Minors
Junior Dance Adventure Minors

10:30 AM
Junior Tap Dance Minors (Period I)
Senior Creative Writing Majors and Senior Photography Majors (A15B)
Senior Piano Majors
Senior Musical Theater Majors (T6) – “High School Musical”

11:05 AM
Junior Piano Minors (Period 2)

11:15 AM
Junior Creative Movement Minors (Period 2)

11:30 AM
Junior Tap Dance Minors (Period 2)

Festival Performance – Student
11:00 AM
Discovery Chorus & Music

Festival Performance – Artist in Residence & Student
12:10 PM
Junior Chorus Majors & Minors
12:35 PM
Senior Chorus Majors & Minors with Cantor Randall Schloss

Lunchtime  “We Salute U” – Lunch for 5-year campers

1:15 PM
Senior Piano Minors (Period 3)

1:30 PM
Senior Modern Dance Minors, Senior Contemporary Dance Minors (Period 3)
Junior Musical Theater Majors (T6) -“High School Musical”
Junior Creative Writing Majors
Junior Piano Majors

1:45 PM
Senior Tap Dance Minors (Period 3)

2:15 PM
Senior Piano Minors (Period 4)

2:30 PM
Junior Hip Hop Majors
Junior Dance Adventure Majors
Senior Contemporary Dance Minors (Period 4) Senior West African Dance Minors

2:45 PM
Senior Tap Dance Minors (Period 4)

Administration Corner

If you’d like to extend your session to include the final three weeks of camp, July 23 – August 10, please do so as soon as possible, as space is filling up.

A few things to know if you extend:

  • Your child’s classes may change. We cannot guarantee that extending students will be able to stay in the current classes, but we will work with you to ensure that the class schedule is one that will inspire your child.
  • Buses fill fast, there may be some changes to the bus schedules in the final three weeks. We are committed to finding the easiest transportation option for your child. Depending on availability, their bus route may change in the final three weeks.
  • The rate for extensions is $1,825, plus applicable premium class charges.

If you’d like to extend your child’s summer, please let us know as soon as possible in order for us to get you the best schedule for your child. If you have any questions, please call camp 631-643-7900 or email us at enrollment@usdan.org.

Join us for our 50th Anniversary Gala on July 19. Dinner tickets are going fast, so get yours now.

What Do U Think? Weekly Poll Question

Last week we asked you about the Festival and WOW! do your kids love the Festival so far. So do we. We want to know more. Does your child have a favorite spot on the Usdan campus? Tell us where it is at at tellus@usdan.org.

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